index of daotong dacheng 道統大成

Chrome bullet   Edited by Wang Qihuo 汪啓濩 (1839–1917).

Chrome bullet   Published in 1900 in Shenjiang 申江 (Huangpu Jiang 黃浦江, Jiangsu).

The "Attribution" column does not include the role of the author or supposed author, such as "authored by" (zhu 著) or "commentary by" (zhu 注).

The "Full Title" column shows the title under which a text is included in this collection, if it differs from the one shown in the "Title" column.


DZJH Daozang jinghua 道藏精华 — Volume and Collection (集) number
JH Text number in Yokote Yutaka 橫手裕, Dōzō seika mokuroku 道藏精華目錄 (Index of Daozang jinghua), Tokyo 2009
SDSY Sandong shiyi 三洞拾遺 — Volume number
ZWDS Zangwai daoshu 藏外道書 — Volume number


No. Title Attribution Full Title Reprints
1參同契闡幽(清)朱元育周易參同契闡幽SDSY 9;ZWDS 6;DZJH 3/3 (JH 147)
2參同契測疏(明)陸西星周易參同契測疏SDSY 9;ZWDS 6
3參同契口義(明)陸西星周易參同契口義初稿引SDSY 9;ZWDS 6
4中和集(元)李道純SYSY 9;ZWDS 6;DZJH 2/2 (JH 87)
5規中指南(元)陳虛白SDSY 9;ZWDS 6
6入藥鏡(元)王玠 等SDSY 9;ZWDS 6
7金丹四百字測疏(明)陸西星SDSY 9;ZWDS 6
8明道篇(元)王惟一SDSY 9;ZWDS 6
9列位女真詩歌(清)汪啓濩SDSY 9;ZWDS 6
10女丹訣(清)汪啓濩SDSY 9;ZWDS 6