index of jiyi zi daoshu shiqi zhong 濟一子道書十七種

Chrome bullet   Contains 17 works written, edited, or commented by Fu Jinquan 傅金銓 (1765-1845; hao, Jiyi zi 濟一子).

Chrome bullet   Based on two earlier collections, the Jiyi zi Daoshu 濟一子道書 (7 works) and the Zhengdao bishu 證道祕書 (10 works).

The "Attribution" column does not include the role of the author or supposed author, such as "authored by" (zhu 著) or "commentary by" (zhu 注).

The "Full Title" column shows the title under which a text is included in this collection, if it differs from the one shown in the "Title" column.


DZJH Daozang jinghua 道藏精华 — Volume and Collection (集) number
JH Text number in Yokote Yutaka 橫手裕, Dōzō seika mokuroku 道藏精華目錄 (Index of Daozang jinghua), Tokyo 2009
ZWDS Zangwai daoshu 藏外道書 — Volume number


No. Title Attribution Full Title Reprints
1道書杯溪錄(清) 傅金銓ZWDS 11
2赤水吟(清) 傅金銓ZWDS 11
3外金丹(清) 傅金銓ZWDS 11
4天仙正理直論增注(明) 伍守陽天仙直論長生度世內煉金丹訣心法ZWDS 11
5邱祖全書(金) 邱處機ZWDS 11; DZJH 5/2 (JH 225)
6玄微心印(清) 趙兩弼 等ZWDS 11
7丹經示讀(清) 傅金銓
8三丰丹訣(明) 張三丰ZWDS 11
9天仙正理讀法點睛(清) 傅金銓ZWDS 11
10道海津梁(清) 傅金銓ZWDS 11
11道書一貫真機易簡錄(清) 傅金銓ZWDS 11
12度人梯徑(清) 傅金銓ZWDS 11
13自題所畫(清) 傅金銓ZWDS 11
14性天正鵠(清) 傅金銓ZWDS 11
15樵陽經(清) 傅金銓ZWDS 11
16心學(清) 傅金銓ZWDS 11
17呂祖五篇注(清) 傅金銓ZWDS 11


4: Edited by Fu Jinquan. This version is also known as Neidan jue 內丹訣.

5: The reprint in DZJH 5/2 is not complete.